On 21 August, the 15th international performing arts festival August DanceFestival will begin.

The first two weeks are coloured by 2 world premieres of Estonian choreographers.

Festival is opened by Mihkel Ernits' performance "Men". Dedication. It is a solo-performance, where Tarvo Truus on stage is supported by video by Einar Lints and design by Marit Ilison. I is a performance about inner monologues and questions, familiar to all of us and that are linked to dedication. Dedication on something or someone. Can we hope for dedication or wait for it nowadays?
It is a performance based on text in English that will be staged on two dates - August 21 and 22 in Kanuti Gildi SAAL. Mihkel Ernits is a freelance choreographer-director. He is one of the founders and directors of millimeter performance group. Two of his performances - "Bodysnatchers" (2010) and "It was good while it lasted" (2011) - have previously been shown at the August Dance Festival.

Known from the spheres of performing arts and literature, kadrinoormets has defied summer heat and cold for several weeks with Diego Agulló to stage Sight-specific "DARKS IN BLUES". Performed on Sunday, 24 August, it is a cinematographical experience - deep and distant, clear and gentle – tantalizingly inviting. The performance will be held open air and the audience will be transported to the  location by bus.

On Friday and Saturday, Von Krahl Theatre will be conquered by effecting experience-performance “GRIND”.  Jefta van Dinther's, Minna Tiikkainen's ja David Kiers' performance offers a space where the components of body, light and sound create binds that affect, confuse and move. On Friday, a party together with techno series Mürk will also be held in Von Krahl’s bar, where Algorütmid and Compound Minerals can be heard among others.

Estonian performances continue on Monday with a unique performance "Holy Night" by Flo Kasearu, Riina Maidre, Okasana Tralla, Marianne Männi ja Veronika Vallimäe that can be seen again. It was nominated in 2013 to estonian theatre awards special prize in musical, ballet and dance performance category as a great example of staging personal and everyday field of subject and the rarely showed connection between different generations.

The 15th August Dancefestival in a row is Tallinn’s oldest international performing arts festival that has developed through time and blurred by fields following the tendance of blending borders in overall arts. Foremost, it is a festival about artists, their thoughts and actions.
August DanceFestival 2014 takes place in Tallinn between 21.-31. August. Full program is available at  www.tantsufestival.ee .

Priit Raud, curator and manager of the festival

Phone.: +372 5010419
E-mail: priit@saal.ee