The 15th August DanceFestival is getting closer.

The 15th August DanceFestival is getting closer.

Between 21.-31. of August takes place the 15th August Dancefestival, this year also for the last time. Next year, the festival will be held in a new shape and form. Festival concentrates on artists and brings to Tallinn world known names and local premieres.

Taken place since 1996, August DanceFestival is Tallinn's oldest international performing arts festival that has developed through time and blurred by fields following the tendance of blending borders in overall arts. Foremost, it is a festival about artists, their thoughts and actions. It is a festival where risks are taken and questions asked. Questions about the society, democracy, art, future, love, identity, the choices of people and communities - that is, much about those things that form the meaning of „nowadays life"," introduces Priit Raud, artistic director and manager of the festival.

Estonia is visited by one of the most known living choreographers Anne De Keersmaeker and it will be possible to see a contemporary classic from year 1982 "Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich"  - a duet created on Steve Reich's music. For the joy of contemporary theatre friends we have invited here one of the brightest stars in today's France and perhaps in whole Europe - Philippe Quesne with his group. With a physical and astonishing spectacle that touches the boarders of theatre and circus we have invited to Tallinn an Italian choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni. Spheres of sound, lightning and movement are explored by Swedish-Dutch choreographer Jefta van Dinther.

August Dance Festival has always been characterized by local premieres, even by fresh, surprising ones  that mark the trust in author's vision. This year's festival will be opened with a new performance „Men" by Mihkel Ernits together with millimeter performance group that sets focus on men. Kadri Noormets and Berlin-resident choreographer Diego Agullò will represent their new piece on a beach near Tallinn. A fresh dance film connecting choreography, architecture and citizens' iniative by Madis Ligema will be premiered at Sõprus cinema.


August DanceFestival takes risks together with international network F.I.T. (Festivals in Transition) in the context of collective project Global city - Local city, that is supported by EU programme Culture.

Visitors can see works touching the borders of performing arts from authors with different signature among whom both local and foreign artists. Festival ends with a remarkable performance from Belgian choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez. "It's going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend" is spot-on, cold and crazing.

Festival brings together guests from Estonia, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, France and Sweden. The aim is to contcentrate on these specific artists while offering thrills to the audience. Thrills that you might not even be prepared for.

Passes and tickets with reduced price are on sale in Piletilevi till August 13, with full price since August 14.


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