Mon / 24.08 / 20:00

Duration: 20?
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August DanceFestival 2009:


"à elle vide"

NB! at Von Krahl Theatre / Rataskaevu 10

This performance is mainly focused on the creation of a void between two characters. Two animals. Two figures. Two drawings. The first. Red. The cock. The second. White. The scorpion. Two natures that are reflected in the expression, in the behaviour, in the movement. It seems there is a vague, remote reference to the "cartoons", to the "animation". From time to time it is possible to listen to broken voices, moved by an agony. Might these voices be bits of cartoons that are deposited in our memory? Black eyelashes, excessively long, surround the dark eyes of the two beings, the Cock and the Scorpion. Melancholic looks come out of the faces and a strange and powerful pride wraps them. Everything outcrops, a little bit and time after time. The Cock's movement is haughty; it scans and observes the area as if it was the keeper of a mystery. The Scorpion's movement is the precise, certain and mental stillness of the one who is in a standstill before attacking. There is an intangible, indescribable and arcane elegance. The red of the Cock, its colour becomes its movement. The white of the Scorpion, its suspension becomes its voice. The black of the area becomes the time of a void relation. Perhaps I stand before an idea of cartoon. Just that.
Teodora Castellucci

Teodora Castellucci was born in Cesena, Italy. She graduated secondary school in 2004 and has for the past five years studied at Stoa, a school for movement, rhythm and philosophy lead by Claudia Castellucci. In 2004 she took a summer course at the Laban School in London and has since participated in several dance seminars. In 2007 her debut production of "à elle vide" received a special prize at a GD'A, a competition for young Italian choreographers.

Choreography, costumes, scenography, dance: Teodora Castellucci
Dance: Agata Castellucci
Music: Demetrio Castellucci
Lights design: Eugenio Resta
Costumes made by: Gabriella Battistini, Carmen Castellucci
Production: Dewey Dell, Fies Factory One
Thanks: Valentina Guidi, Chiara Bartolini, Francesca Bartolini, GD'A 2007
Performance in Tallinn is supported by Italian Embassy in Tallinn.
NB! Same ticket with Antonija Livingstone “The Part” on 24.08 at 21:00 in Kanuti Gildi SAAL!



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