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Duration: 50`
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work in progress

Solo – installation dance performance.

In this situation, at this very moment in this kind of a setting i am the teller and you are the viewer but the positions might change and the roles blend and exchange that all depends on the teller and the responsibility of a viewer – you as a one who also takes part in the creative result, process that is being produced, your thoughts, memory, past – all comes together here and now in this present moment that we are sharing, it is our both responsibility if we are going to go with it or go against, even if the teller has a role of producing, producment is being created also by you.


What and how – that all depends on both of us. Everything can go as a disaster or on the contrary stay rolling. We will roll thorugh, but the result depends only on both of us: no one else and no one who is not here. Process is the most important thing as many say, in oposition stand those who think that the result is as important as process itself. At this point i can tell you the same about the piece itself, we should ask a queation what is more important process of being in the present moment and experiencing or having it end as the result action, the end of this piece – which might have left something for you or totally opposite have not left anything. It is as simple as that. We are different and both options are acceptable, question is if you can choose one of those if you should at this very moment, and it might be that you think that it is both, but if i will corner you as the teller and ask to respond to this question as clearly as possible here and now – only one option, that is going to be an interesting outcome, because it all depends on us. You will see and then you will leave. What happens after is your own responsibility in act itself. You will produce something after seing something, and all the responsibility will go back to you, but here we share it – how much you share it afterwards is your responsibility.

Responsibility is something that i have not understood fully, and that is what i am going to investigate. Game, story, story, story, story, a and b, story and darkness, you, moments of questioning, on the way, backwards, movement, text and movement, recordings, stories, reality and fiction, where is the beginnign where is the continuation if the end even comes, we stay rolling. All comes together after. After comes after the end. End comes after a part d and then we will see what has happened before, we don’t know and we might never answer to needed questions. The best way is to ask not answer. To have questions not answers. Questions bring us to thinking and sharing. Sharing takes us to asking questions and looking for answers.


Rūta Ronja Pakalne is in the beginning of her professional career, with the experience in many fields: dance, film and production. Many know her as Ronja and that her energy goes in many different levels and layers, it shows in the ways where her interest goes, she is always on the move. She has graduated BA program in dance and choreography at Latvian Academy of Culture, studied at the .dance school P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, currently taking a MA program in dance/theatre at Latvian Academy of Culture, basing herself in Tallinn.

Idea and performance: Rūta Ronja Pakalne
Recordings: family from Antwerpen, Maido Hiet, Mati Vait, Helena Pihel
Music: Baldur Hjorleifsson
Adviser: Helena Pihel

Technical support: Revo Koplus, Margus Vait
In English

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