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Duration: 30`
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LEINO REI / Tartu Uus Teater 

Siil udus

“Hedgehog in the Fog“ is steadily present in the emotional memory of several generations. That being thanks to the animation with the same title renown as the best animated film in the world.


How could this story be communicated using the means of theatre?


Surrounded by the fog or more broadly in conditions where vision is limited,  other senses start to sharpen. Especially hearing. Mostly it is a theatre of sounds. Majority of the minor events that are challenging for Hedgehog and which he encounters on his way to a friend, are given through voices and sounds. It is an exiting way of discovering and experiencing the world. For both a child and a grown-up.


It is a performance with sounds, puppets, shadows and fog where sounds and lighting become as important characters as the protagonists Hedgehog and Bear. Authors wish is to lead the spectators/listeners to a journey, experienced by Hedgehog while he searches for a path in fog that would guide him to his best friend.

Director: Leino Rei
Author: Sergei Kozlov
On satge: Helgur Rosenthal, Janek Joost
Artist: Kristiina Põllu
Sound design: Ardo Ran Varres
Puppet-maker: Kaili Kask
Light design: Taavi Toom
Premiere: 12.04.2015 Tartu Uus Teater
In Estonian


NB! Suitable for children from the age of 3.


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