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Duration: 60`
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SAAL Biennal 2015:
NB! At Flo Kasearu Majamuuseum (Pebre 8)

– Now that the time of open windows has once again begun — would people be so kind as to not let their car engines whirr for half an hour under other people's opened windows.
– And the national anthem coming from the tower of Pikk Hermann every morning - couldn't that be turned down a bit?
– Couldn't the toll of Peeteli church bell be somehow forbidden?

"House Music" is a site-specific installation/summer performance in city quarter of Tallinn called Pelgulinn, in front of the house at Pebre 8. There is no gallery or theater space, instead there are live and everyday rhythms of one street in Tallinn. Whatever takes place here is the contempoprary culture that writes itself and does so in the street, in social media and in the interpretations of the public. "House Music" brings people to the street and makes them move around in time, mediates the feeling of home, sells community identity and buys contentment.


The residents of Pelgulinn and the area itself are to set off and frame the performance.

"House Music" is the second collaboration of Flo Kasearu and Riina Maidre, following the piece "Holy Night" in 2013.

Flo Kasearu is a freelance artist. She graduated BA Painting and MA Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In 2006-2007 she was an exchange student at the Rebecca Horn studio at Berlin University of the Arts, where she started doing performance and video art. The nature of her works is explorative, in that each project begins as an open-ended experiment and analysis of situations and subjects she is interested in. Using video, installation, photo, drawing, painting, public actions, she has examined subjects such as production and creativity, private and public space, social responsibility, question of freedom and economic depression, patriotism and nationalism. Her works have been exhibited widely inside and outside of Estonia. She won Köler Prize in 2012 and established Flo Kasaru's House Museum 2013.


Riina Maidre  is a freelance actress, theatre maker, performing artist. She graduated 2004 from theatre school in Tallinn and 2014 finished her Master of Theatre studies in DasArts, Amsterdam.  Has been working as an actress both in film and theatre.

In her works she is exploring and exploiting the cross area between theatricality and minimalism. She is intrigued by the dynamics of oppositions. Her practice is rooted in a conviction that as an artist she is always dealing with the same one topic only, and every project is zooming in and unveiling a specific side of it. Currently she is busy with unriddling her artistic understanding on the attraction between the keywords  ––  ’doubt’ and ’belief-systems’.

Idea: Flo Kasearu
Staging, realisation, artistic work: Flo Kasearu, Riina Maidre
Technical and creative solutions: Tõnu Narro
Light design: Oliver Kulpsoo
Team: KUNO espress course students, owners, volunteers, neighbors, visitors, friends, families, acquaintances.
Supported by: Kanuti Gildi SAAL/SAAL Biennaal, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Flo Kasearu Majamuuseum


NB! We kindly ask you to wear weatherproof and comfortable clothing.


Tickets for SAAL Biennaal 2015:

Single tickets bought in advance until 10th of August for 10/14 EUR, from 11th of August 12/18 EUR.

NB! Tickets bought in advance until 10th of August for “Partita 2” by ANNE TERESA DE KEERSMAEKER, BORIS CHARMATZ, AMANDINE BEYER are 11/14/20 EUR depending on the seat, and full price 14/18/25 EUR from 11th of August; tickets can be purchased from ticket centres Piletilevi or Piletimaailm and at Estonian National Opera's box office (open every day 11:00-19:00 except from June 21st till July 26th).
-concession -50% for pupils, students and pensioners
-for groups every 21st ticket free if purchased at the Opera's box office (phone 683 1210) or online at
-only one concession at a time!

Tickets for the staged tour by KRISTINA NORMAN, CHUNGIN, DORIS FELDMANN & KRISTINA-MARIA HEINSALU, performance “House Music” by FLO KASEARU & RIINA MAIDRE and the movie installation “Bergman in Uganda” by MARKUS ÖHRN are 5 EUR.

Limited amount of 4 show passes are available for 30/42 EUR only if purchased on or before August the 10th (entry to 4 shows excluding “Partita 2” and the 5 EUR shows).

Single tickets and 4 show passes are available at Piletilevi ticket centres (a service charge 0.60€ per ticket will be added) and at Piletilevi online shop. Tickets can be purchased on site in cash half an hour before the start of the show, provided there are seats available.
- Discounted tickets on site for pupils, students and pensioners upon presenting ID.
- Latecomers will not be let in.
- The shows are not suitable for children, unless otherwise stated.
- The organizer has the right to make changes in the program.


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