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Duration: 70'
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MART KANGRO "waiting for tomorrow" 

"All the art I liked consisted of bits of melancholia. It is almost like you need melancholia to make it a "real dish"" (Lars Von Trier)


As a response to his previous solo work "Can't Get No/Satisfaction" - which was dealing with idiosyncrasies of the author - Mart Kangro  tries to reflect on his own desires from the perspective of the spectator. On desires which are overpowered by never-ending longing for the sublime. How this thirst for an emotional experience influences ones perception and criticalness and how vulnerable one might become in this condition.

His new solo concentrates on the aspects of pathos and sentiment involved in mechanisms of representation. How insisting on compassion and empathy becomes an essential ingredient of drama and thus it gives colour to the spectacle.When enough is enough and too much becomes too much. When banal becomes beautiful and ordinary special.


Performance contains quotations that go unacknowledged in the body of the text.In a few parts of the performance a very low frequency sound waves are played.

Mart Kangro is a performer and choreographer who lives in Tallinn. After his engagement at Estonian National Ballet he has been concentrating on his own choreographic works, which are focusing on the detail and the clarity of the movement. He has an ongoing collaboration with artists like Thomas Lehmen, Christina Ciupke, the Estonian musician and sound artist Taavi Kerikmäe and the group Ansambel U: .

Idea, choreography and performance: Mart Kangro

Music design: Taavi Kerikmäe

Dramaturgical assistance: Christina Ciupke

Light and technical solutions: Kalle Tikas

Photo: Tarvo Varres

Co-production: Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia

Premiere: 16.10.2013 Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn

Project is co-produced by international network SAMARA, with the support from the Long-Term Network Mobility programme by the Nordic Council of Ministers.



NB! Performances on October 16+18 are in English and on October 21+22+23 are in Estonian.

NB! Meet the artist after the performance on October 18. Talk will be led by Laur Kaunissaare, in English!

NB! Performances on tour:

6+7.12 MART KANGRO "waiting for tomorrow" Kampnagel / Nordwind festival, Hamburg /GER/

27+28.11 MART KANGRO "waiting for tomorrow" HAU3 / Nordwind festival, Berlin /GER/




Ons unistamine nõrkadele ja muiduleivasööjatele - Ott Karulin, Postimees, 21.10.2013

Publikumärk - Liis Laidmets, KUKU raadio, 19.10.2013

Paatost oodates - Tiiu Laks, Eesti Päevaleht 18.10.2013

Mart Kangrol tuli välja uus soololavastus "Waiting for tomorrow" - Riina Eentalu, Kultuuriuudised, ERR 16.10.2013

Intervjuu Mart Kangro - ülevast ja melanhoolsest - Kairi Kivirähk, Müürileht 15.10.2013

OP! - ETV, 15.10 (alates 19:35)

Mart Kangro soololavastus keskendub tunnetga manipuleerimisele - Janar Ala, Kultuuriuudised, ERR 15.10.2013

Siin Me Oleme - Laura Kõrvits, Tõnu Pedaru, Raadio 2, 14.10.2013

*Hetkelisusest sündiv vabadus - Eero Epner, Sirp 29.08.2013

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