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GLOBAL CITY - LOCAL CITY is a network collaboration of the festivals SPIELART - Munich (GER), Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival - Helsinki (FIN), Homo Novus - Riga (LAT), August Dance Festival - Tallinn (EST), LIFT - The London International Festival of Theatre - London (UK), Bunker - Ljubljana (SLO) and Festival a/d Werf - Utrecht (NL). Associate partners are ALKANTARA Festival - Lisbon (POR) and Aalto University - Pori (FIN).


GLOBAL CITY - LOCAL CITY is a project for the artistic exploration of the social, ecological, and political realities, and civic and social potentials in individual city quarters and of global city developments of the cities of the participating theatre and dance festivals.  GLOBAL CITY - LOCAL CITY  will create new performing art and other artworks making visible specific issues relevant to the residents of a city quarter, and examine new perspectives and options of action for European artists and festivals.


Each festival will invite one to two locally rooted or festival-related artists to take part in the project. They will form a group, which will then work at all "CityLAB workshops" in every city of the participating festivals. Out of this group, each festival later on will choose one to two artists from another European country for a residency at its festival. The objectives of these residencies will be defined by each festival.


Part of the project is the development of new local city artwork. The aim is to integrate artists into a wider range of European artistic exchange and collaboration, and to open a new discourse about the city and art interaction. A final publication will document the results. GLOBAL CITY - LOCAL CITY is an initiative of the network Theatre/Festivals in Transition (FIT) - www.theatrefit.org.


Supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.


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