Duration: 60?

"At Lokaal tonight: Kann/Valkeapää"

23+24.04  KokoTeatteri, Helsingi /FIN/
23.05 / 20:00  MUUSIKA S6PRADELE, Genialistide Klubi, Tartu 
24.05 / 21:00  Genialistide Klubi, Tartu     
30.07 / 19:00  Sulattofestivaali, Karkkila /FIN/    
18.09   Tehdasfestivaali Manifesti, Turku /FIN/


The dancer Kaja Kann and the sound artist Juha Valkeapää have been creating songs since childhood. The show they are doing in Kanuti Gildi SAAL has been shown at different Lokaals in Europe and all over the world. The group comes together every once in a while. The audience will certainly hear their infamous piece "Money" and other well-known and much heard songs.

The repertoire of the duet Kann/Valkepää consists of very varied pieces. They have been inspired by the old rock legend Mark Lanegan as well as Ali Farka Toure. 2 guitars and an overwhelming voice that will however leave space for physical movement. It will most certainly not leave the audience tepid as the Kann/Valkeapää duet has received both very positive and very negative responses, they have been loved and hated. It is obvious that the band enjoys their performance sharing this delight with the audience even though their songs lack classic structure and easily recognizable reprises.

Kaja Kann (1973) is known for her unconventional mastery of vocal and guitar techniques. One thing is certain - she enjoys movement and smoky clubs. Kaja Kann has messed around on stage on many more occasions than she would like remembering. And she keeps doing it again and again. Kaja sais that it is enjoyable to wander alone and then discover that she is with Juha and it is especially terrific if the audience is present as well. This is not witty choreography, this is dance.

Already in his early years Juha Valkeapää (1967) made bizarre sounds to express himself. In his teens he discovered the electric guitar following the pattern of Jimmy Hendrix. Besides this duet he has been part of several folk, punk-rock, alternative sound space and improvisational projects. He likes to take risks. Sometimes it seems like he can understand his partner even without words, without composing. If this takes place on stage then it feels peculiar.


Idea, performance: Kaja Kann, Juha Valkeapää
Original music: Juha Valkeapää
Choreography: Kaja Kann
Design: Maike Lond
Photo: Evert Palmets
Technical realisation: Kalle Tikas
Co-produced by: Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Eksperimentaalse Liikumise Keskus
Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian National Culture Foundation, Cultural Heritage Department of Tallinn City Council, Embassy of Finland in Tallinn, Finnish Institute in Tallinn, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Council of Finland
Premiere: 19.03.2009 bar-club Juuksur / Hairdresser

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