Duration: 50?


"Second Land"

Already the earlier works of Renate Valme have pointed out her unique ability to present her personal poetic perception of the world by using convincing and individual visual language.
Previously she has been presenting her worlds together with the other artists. This time she is on the stage alone. Alone with things. And since things are pretty cold and single valued on their own then she is looking for ways how to find shortcuts via things into a kind of second, more semantic, beautiful and happy world.
How to reach the easiness of a playing child. In order that the things were not merely what they are, but that the things could change meaning and purpose according to the will of the performer. So that the reality would not be so frigidly monosemantic.

´Second Land´premiered in August 2008 at the Homo Alibi festival in Riga, Latvia.

Renate Valme is a freelance choreographer. She gratuated as a choreographer from Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy. Her shows ´mobile home´, ´MESTA´ and ´Idula´ have deserved recognition both in Estonia and on various festivals abroad. She has also worked as a choreography and actor on productions in several Estonian theatres.

idea, direction, performance: Renate Valme
co-produced by: The New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Cultural Endowment of Latvia
duration: 50'
ticket: 70/120.-
NB! Premiere in Latvia August 29 2008

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