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"private spaces (the p.s. project)


04.02 Lissabon /PRT/
12.02 DOCK 11, Berliin /GER/
29.03 FERME DU BUISSON, Pariis /FRA/
24+25.04 Eisfabrik, Hannover /GER/
05.05 new baltic dance festival, arts printing house, Vilnius /LTH/
7+8.05 tanz nrw 09, tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf /GER/


In her interdisciplinary dance performance, Cologne-based choreographer Silke Z. explores the idea of the private sphere. Her work is a convergence of live performance, video installation and narrative film. A male and female dancer create an emotional landscape shaped by the dynamic interplay between closeness and distance, control and powerlessness. Private spheres emerge from which the audience cannot escape - they move throughout an installation that surrounds the performance on all four sides. The traditional stage is replaced by a space in which everyone shares in a common experience.
"private spaces (the p.s. project)" was created during residencies spent in Tallinn, Newcastle and Düsseldorf. In her choreography work, Silke Z. intensively examines interpersonal relationships and encounters between performers and audiences. In her last project, "machMut", from the 2007 series Mutproben, the performers she worked with included young adults. "machtMut" received the 2008 Kölner Tanz und Theaterpreis (Cologne Dance and Theatre Prize) and was nominated for the 2008 German theatre award DER FAUST. "private spaces (the p.s. project)" received also the Kölner Tanz und Theaterpreis 2008 (Cologne Dance and Theatre Prize)

The line between discomfort and pain has long been crossed as the incredible performer Antonio Cabrita repeatedly hurls himself onto the floor in an attempt to finally illicit a reaction from his self-composed Caroline Simon with his self destruction. For the audience, there is nothing in space separating them from the performers; they are together in the same black enclosure. There is no longer an external world, only mercilessly exposed inner worlds. They want to run. They want to stay.
The audience personally experiences the dualism of society's need for discretion and curiosity about other people's private spheres. At what point is our search for authenticity shameful, when is it truly courageous?
In her outstanding production, Silke Z. probes the terror and beauty of intimacy. She has once again succeeded in succinctly capturing a current and indeterminate phenomenon that defies general explanation.
Reality, for Silke Z., is bouquet of splinters. Beautiful to behold - but with dangerously sharp edges.
Nicole Strecker, Kölner Tanzpreis award speech

Silke Z. born in 1970, lives and works as an independent choreographer in Cologne. She studied dance and skiing at the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, completed training at the European Dance Development Center (EDDC) in Arnheim and Düsseldorf and pursued further training at San Francisco´s Moving On Center - School for Participatory Arts and Research.
Silke Z. is a co-founder of resistdance, Studio 11, and die.idee//artist network.
Her production, "fractured" was honoured with the cologne dance award in 1999 and the Förderpreis freier Theater NRW Theaterzwang. Her production "CAUGHT UP" was developed at CHOREODROME at THE PLACE/LONDON and selected for the dance award Cologne 2003.
Her production "Look" was honoured with the dance award of the festival Theaterzang 2004. Her production "Alife" 2004 was selected for dance award Cologne 2004.
Her works have been presented at the Aerowaves Festival in London, at the Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnius/Lithuania and by Dance Link in Den Haag/the Netherlands.
Since 2005 she has worked on a series called MUTPROBEN/DARE PROJECT that she has been developing in coproduction with the Orangerie in Cologne, Eisfabrik Hannover and the Ludwigforum in Aachen. In 2006 that series continued at Tanzhaus NRW and at Counterpulse Theater in San Francisco. All Mutproben/DARE Projects are full evening pieces containing dance, theatre, video, live-sound design and other related performance arts. A compilation of all Mutproben/DARE PROJECTS (1-5) in September 2006 lead to the production called ":überMut" at the tanzhaus nrw and was then touring in various cities in Germany such as Aachen, Köln, Hannover etc.
2007 she produced in the course of "take off", Tanzplan Deutschland the production "machtMut" at the tanzhaus nrw. A production which combines professional dancers and adolescents on one stage.
From 2004 until 2008 she was the artistic director for the dance series TANZKONKRET in Cologne, a platform for local and national dance work.
Since 2007 Silke Z. very often works with foreign partners. ":überMut" was part of the Festival Jonge Harten/Groningen in November 2007.
"machtMut" was granted with the Cologne Dance and Theatre Award 2008 and was nominee for DER FAUST, the German theatre award 2008.
private spaces was selected for favoriten08/Theaterzwang , a regional festival for theatre and dance and was also granted with the Cologne Dance and Theatre Award 2008

Caroline Simon was born in Brussels in 1977. She studied contemporary dance at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios, directed by AnneTeresa de Keersmaeker. She graduated in June 2001 at the Rotterdam Dance Academy as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.
She performed in performances by Minke Brands (NL), Ex Nihilo (F), Ilona Pászthy, Katja F. M. Wolf, Alexandra Dederichs and Silke Z. (D). Since May 2001, Caroline Simon lives and works in Cologne, where she produces her own work: "Time Trap - or short genuine stories" (2002), "descent" (2003) and "BLUFF" (2004), nominated for the Cologne Dance Award 2004, "Bluff II and Flooded" (2005), "SELECT!" (2006).
Since April 2005 she is the artistic director of STUDIO 11, a production studio in Cologne for free lance theatre and dance makers. In 2006 she received the choreography grant from the Kunststiftung NRW for somatic studies in San Francisco.
In 2008, together with the companies Lupita Pulpo (Berlin), Ludica. (Düsseldorf) and silke.z:resistdance. (Cologne), she co-founded of the nationwide network die.idee // bewegt sich // artist network. Her solo "piece" was nominated for the Cologne dance and theatre award 2008 and has been selected for the European festival Aerowaves!

Antonio Cabrita studied in Lisbon at the National Conservatoire's Dance School and at the Restart School of Creativity and New Technologies. In New York he also studied at the Joffrey Ballet School and at the New York Film Academy, and worked, as well, in his first independent project, while made his first short-film - "Maçã". Back in Portugal, he collaborated with independent projects, did exhibitions as a photographer and composed the original score for three plays and two movies. As a film-maker he directed several short films and dance films


Concept & choreography: Silke Z.
Dance & performance: Caroline Simon, Antonio Cabrita
Concept, filmdirecting: André Zimmermann
Dramaturgy: Silke Z., André Zimmermann
Technical director: Ansgar Kluge
Film/video design: Jan Hanten, André Zimmermann
Light and stage design: Ansgar Kluge
Sound design: Christian Azadi
Supervision: Rudi Kamminga (Grand Theatre Gronningen, Holland)
Production management: Katja Steinbach
Production assistance: Irena Vujicic
Management/pr: Mechtild Tellmann
Photos: Jan Hanten, Hydra Productions
Co-produced by: Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn), DanceCity (Newcastle) and tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf)
Supported by: Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Kunststiftung NRW, Ministerpräsident des Landes NRW, SK Stiftung Kultur
Production: silke z. / resistdance

Performances in Tallinn are supported by: Goethe Institut Tallinn, City of Köln


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